The Beginning of The End.

Dear Bee,

This is my last letter to you. I wrote my first one almost four years ago. We were in a pit of darkness together, you and me. I am boggled by how our relationship has transformed.

In those years, I’ve collected dozens and dozens of letters in this blog, made public for the world to see. You have been on display; people have been exposed to the shitshow you used throw in my head, the sweet words you used to tell me, the lies and distortion that you weaved into my mind. This will be the last entry, because I realized that a healthy and appropriate goodbye to you (and to everyone who reads you) can be healing for all of us involved.

Four years ago, I was very, very sick and very, very scared.

Today, I’m healthy, and of course that’s a broad, overarching word, but it’s the accurate one to use here. I’m healthy mentally, spiritually, and physically. I’ve also redefined what healthy actually means. Fear still exists, but it’s appropriate fear, not distorted, eating disordered fear.

I’m working in the field I love, with the most amazing clients who have the most amazing stories, and I’m getting married in one month to the man of my dreams.

I am independent woman. I make my own choices.

I eat delicious food everyday. Most of it is scientifically nutritious, but not always. I exercise frequently. Some of it is for aesthetic benefits, but most of it is for the physical release of endorphins and the awesome feelings of being strong and challenged.

I don’t go to therapy. I don’t go to meetings. I don’t binge or purge or restrict. I haven’t in a very long time.

I hate to say this, but I sometimes forget I had a ravaging eating disorder.

And that just purely astounds me, because when I first starting writing to you, you were everything. You were my best friend, my lover, my therapist, my voice of reason. How could I ever forget about you? How did we go from there to here?

I don’t have a perfect answer, and I never will. Time was part of it. Therapy was part of it. Love was part of it. Maturity was another part of it. There have been infinite parts to the recovery journey, but I am proud to say: You don’t dominate my life anymore.

I’ve found better, and I’ve found different. It’s no longer me versus you. It’s no longer me versus an eating disorder. My life is not built around you; it has not been for quite some time. I couldn’t taste the freedom right away; it’s taken about a year. I think I was always too scared to believe of the “inevitable relapse,” the inevitable “back to normal,” which meant, of course, “back to you.”

You used to be in every meal, in every workout, in every dynamic with every person in every situation. You were so pervasive that I figured I was just stuck with you.

And now? You are kind of like the ex-boyfriend I used to write about. I think about him the way I think about you: with nostalgia, in a sense, but without the attachment, resentment, and emotional intensity that used to occupy my mind. There is remembrance, but most of all, there are reminders of my growth, progress, and transformations since then.

I don’t have to write you letters anymore. The time for our closure has come.

You’ve helped me. In a professional sense, you’ve helped become an incredibly gifted therapist. You’ve helped me help a lot of clients who have their own experiences with you, their own heartbreaks and sagas with compulsion and addiction. You aren’t the same as theirs- because no two stories are alike- but I see you everywhere.

You’ve helped me learn about myself and how I cope with stress. You helped me realize that I was driven towards impulsive shortcuts, towards making my emotions, towards cowering in shame. You helped me realize that living that way really got in the way with my own happiness and sanity.

I will always respect you, but I will no longer need you, for I am finally free.



7 thoughts on “The Beginning of The End.

  1. Denise L. King says:

    So happy for you and yet so sad to see you go (my own selfishness there).
    Wish you the best and maybe I can get there one day too.
    A 47 yr old who has had an E.D. since the age of 14yrs old

  2. I don’t know you personally but I’ve followed your blog for a long time. This entry fills my heart with joy and a pride for you. You have worked so hard and built a life worth living. May you fly free !! Congratulations on your achievements and on your upcoming wedding. I wish you happiness and internal peace. I have no doubt at all that you have become a kick ass therapist. You. Go. Girl!!

  3. SalaamTrueStory says:

    I’m really so happy for you, and reading this I can see so many parallels to my story.. slowly but surely we have been getting so much better and freer, away from our eating disorders until one day we suddenly look back to the very beginning of it all and stare at it in shock and in awe of how much we have changed. Like you said, you almost forget that you were once in the midst of such a horrible illness, but when you remember how awful it was and how bleak it made your future prospects, and how it controlled every detail of your life, you’re not sorry at all that you forgot about it! I wish you all the best and I’m sure you will be able to deal with anything from now on. Knowing that you overcame something so difficult, it already makes you so strong. Congratulations on your wedding, I’m really happy for you and I will miss you! ❤

  4. Vivian says:

    You’ve been on my bookmarks list for a few years and I hadn’t checked in and was wondering how you were doing. This makes me happy – and I can relate – to a lot of it, just as I could relate to a lot as you were going through it all. Much love to you!

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