About Me

I am a training therapist, which I why I remain anonymous on this blog. I am passionate about my field and clients, and I keep my identity concealed to avoid any controversy or hindrance with my professional pursuits. I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do: I have worked with clients with issues ranging from sexual fetishes to couples considering divorce to young children suffering trauma to adolescents facing the challenges of high school to support groups coping with life challenges to a variety of personality disorders and mental diagnoses. The art of healing is a magnificent beauty.

More about me:

I’m young. Age-wise, I tend to be the “baby” in my profession, group of friends, school, etc. However, I often surprise people when I reveal my age, as I carry myself in a very professional manner.

I’m sarcastic. Very, very sarcastic.

I was born and raised in the lovely Southern California. This means I love the beach, hate cold weather, and am a quintessential liberal hippie.

I am in the absolute healthiest relationship of my life. My boyfriend is amazing. The love of my life. I knew the moment I met him, and everyday, he makes me feel so grateful for our connection.

Love: deep conversation, travel, literature, writing, hiking, photography and scrapbooks, coffee, thrift shopping, reggae music, massages, saunas, dancing, inspirational quotes and philosophy, roller coasters, scary movies, wine nights, skinny-dipping, extreme sports, pancakes.

Bucket list completions: parasailed, swam with turtles, backpacked Europe, rode a camel, skinny-dipped in the Pacific Ocean, climbed to the top of a waterfall, partied at a three-day long music festival, wrote two (unpublished) novels, ran three half-marathons, received a black belt, delivered a commencement speech, won a national essay contest, protested for gay rights, graduated college, made love on the side of a mountain, been in love, and lied on the street in the middle of an intersection (the Notebook).

Surprisingly, I don’t know how to juggle, play an instrument, sew or crochet, clean very well, or parallel-park, though I’m getting better at that last one.

There are three identities I want to be most remembered for: a lover, a traveller, and a healer.

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